Flüehli-Ranft Brennstoff 3

zwei mit Blachen gedeckte Holzbeigen im Wald unterhalb des Flüehli-Ranfts ob Sachsen

„Jeff Kelley has distinguished the notion of place from that of site, made popular in the late sixties by the term ’site-specific‘ sculpture: „A site represents the constituent physical properties of a place…while naming phenomena: First, the postmodernist implies has spawned a plethora of exhibitions, articles, and books called re-viewing, re-visioning, re-mapping, re-thinking, re-photographing. Second, the titles of exhibitions about land and nature are becoming melancholic and even apocalyptic…Third, the terms ‚territory‘, ‚land‘, ‚earth‘, ‚terrain‘, and ‚mapping‘ are also ubiquitous in both theory and practice…maps tells us where we are and show us where we’re going.“

Lucy R. Lippard, Looking around: where we are, where we could be, „The lure and the local“, 1998

Aspects of Trinidad and Tobago’s art culture: Richard Bolai – thebookmann: Borrowed Light – Public Art – CCA7: Layman’s Light – InterAmerica space, 2007


Über juerg luedi

Artist HGK BA in Fine Arts HEAD MA in Fine Arts Major Art in Public Spheres MAPS HSLU
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