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Siah Armajani


Public Sculpture in the context of American democracy2.

  1. Public sculpture attempts to demystify art.
  2. Public sculpture is less about self-expression and the myth of the maker and more about its civicness. It is not based on a philosophy which seeks to separate itself from the ‘everydayness’ of everyday life.
  3. Public sculpture is a search for a cultural history which calls for structural unity between the object and its social and spatial setting. It should be open, available, useful and common.
  4. Public sculpture opens up a perspective through which we may comprehend the social construction of art.
  5. Public sculpture attempts to fill the gap that comes about between art and public to make art public and artists citizens again.
  6. Generally speaking public sculpture is not a particular style or idealogy. It is through the action in concrete situations that public sculpture will become a certain character.
  7. Public sculpture has some kind of social function. It has moved from large scale, outdoor, site-specific sculpture into sculpture with social content. In the process it has annexed a new territory for sculpture that extends the field for social experience.
  8. Public sculpture is not artistic creation alone but rather social and cultural productions based upon concrete needs.
  9. Public sculpture is a cooperative production. There are others besides the artist who are responsible for the work. To give all the credit to the individual artist is misleading and untrue.
  10. The ethical dimension of art is mostly gone and only in newly formed relationships with non-art audiences may the ethical dimension come back to art.
  11. Public sculpture depends on some interplay with the public based on some shared assumptions.
  12. Public sculpture rejects the idea of the universality of art.

David Harding, What Have We Learned About Public Art?, Jan 2008


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Artist HGK BA in Fine Arts HEAD MA in Fine Arts Major Art in Public Spheres MAPS HSLU
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